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Situated in the extreme south-west of Europe, Portugal is an important attraction for tourists from all over the world with its mild friendly climate, sunshine days and over 850 km of splendid beaches by the Atlantic Ocean. Its unique cultural heritage, tradition combined with modern trends and one of the best cuisines can make all together the perfect paradise package for any tourist or possible investor.

Portugal has an impressive history legacy spread all over the world on its previous colonies from Brazil till Indochina and succeed to create one of the most safe and stable political system.

Portugal Golden Visa Programme:

The Golden Visa Programme was launched in October of 2012 and has become Europe’s most popular residence-by-investment programme and is available to all non-EU nationals. It provides a possible route to Portuguese and European Union citizenship after five years, if a basic knowledge of the Portuguese language and genuine links can be demonstrated. Portugal is an extremely family-friendly nation, and the Golden Visa Programme extends to dependants, providing an excellent option for families seeking a European base. English is widely spoken and the country offers attractive personal tax options via the non-habitual tax regime. The programme requires an applicant to stay in Portugal for at least seven days in the first year and no less than 14 days in each subsequent two-year period.

To get the Golden Visa the applicant need to choose one investment option:

  • i) Invest more than 500.000 Euro in Real Estate (it can be in several properties, residential or commercial).
  • ii) Invest more than 350.000 Euro in Real Estate (properties over 30 years old).
  • iii) Invest more than 280.000 Euro in Real Estate (properties over 30 years old and located in low density areas).
  • iv) Invest 350.000 Euro in Qualified Investment Fund (SIF Portugal).
  • v) Create a minimum of 10 new employment positions: Invest more than 125.000 Euro in Transfer Electric Car Business (This option has become increasingly popular).

Application Process:

Months 1-4 Submit application and secure investment. →Year 0 Golden Visa Programme permit issued for 1 year. → Year 1 Golden Visa Programme permit renewed for two years. →Year 3 Golden Visa Programme permit.→ Year 5 Apply for Permanent Residency.

Summary of Key Advantages:

  • Travel, stay, live and establish a business in Portugal and in all Schengen Countries (26 European Countries);
  • Right to live, work, and study in Portugal
  • Residency can be granted within 8-12 months. After 5 years the applicant and his or her family can apply for Portuguese Citizenship (Passport), (185 countries visa free or visa on arrival). Portugal allows dual Citizenship.

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