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Citizenship Program North Macedonia Costs | Buy Passport from GCI. We are the world's leading experts in advising foreign investors on Citizenship & Residency by Investment.

The investment Options and Contribution are:

Payment Step 1: Contribution

  • 50.000 EUR Contribution Single plus each child under 18 years
  • 10.000 EUR Contribution for each child under 18 years
  • 30.000 EUR Contribution for Spouse
  • include, Government Fee, Application Fee, Processing Fee, Professional Fee
  • Passport Fee, due diligence Fee. - payments is non- refundable-

    Payment Step 2: Investments for each Investor

      Option 1
    • Business Investment from 400,000 EUR and create 7 new jobs for Macedonia EMPLOYEES.(The government holds the right to approve only specific isolated proposed investors, as well as to change the contribution price individually).
    • Option 2 
    • Each Investor invest in government designated SEC-authorized funds which in turn invest in long-term infrastructure and strategic projects in the country 200,000 EUR
  • Children under 18 can apply once their parents or one parent receives his citizenship. The applicants wife can apply if they are married more then 3 years and have an address in Macedonia 1 year.
  • Means, if the applicant like, that his wife get the citizenship on the same time, she have also separate invest 200000 EUR!

    You can apply over us: GCI Unit North Macedonia

    Documents for Government what we and our Lawyer need:

  • Advisory and Investment Contract between GCI UNIT and main applicant , (without Notary stamp and Apostil)
  • Passport photo of white background (40mmx50mm in jpg.), (without Notary stamp and Apostil)
  • CV. personal Profile from all Person over age 18 years, (without Notary stamp and Apostil)
  • Finance report, Bank statement, (without Notary stamp and Apostil)
  • Application Form (will fulfill by GCI UNIT)
  • Passport copy from all members, certificate by Notary with Apostil
  • birth certificate from all members, certificate by Notary with Apostil
  • married certificate certificate by Notary with Apostil
  • residency ID Card copy, from all members certificate by Notary with Apostil
  • Power of Attorney from all members over 18 years age, certificate by Notary with Apostil Stamp

  • All the documents have to be in English or have to be translated by the Certified Interpreter and notarized. We will translate from english to macedonia language!