Second Nationality

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The word “nationality” can be related with images of a strong national identity determined by place of birth, ethnicity background, history, culture and the idea of a second nationality may be a little strange. Nevertheless in a legal sense, nationality is a relationship between an individual and a nation state, which usually ensure a specific protection on the individual by the state in return for certain obligations owed by the individual towards the state. It is therefore possible to gain a second nationality from another country if certain criteria are met , imposed by that nation’s government.

A person can gain a second nationality in many ways and vary from one jurisdiction to another, but typically these will include citizenship by residency (granted to someone who lives in a particular country for long enough time) and citizenship by investment. The first one can take many years to achieve and the last one, in certain circumstances, can confer citizenship in a shorter time period and is therefore an attractive option for many people seeking for a second nationality.

TCME Group Worldwide and its Departments are specialised in providing for our clients a second nationality through citizenship by investment programmes. By using our highest standard services and advices, you can obtain and secure the best investment Citizenship Program, tailored to your particular needs and requirements.

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